April 21, 2022

3 Things Lionel Messi and Great Content Marketers Have in Common

3 Things Lionel Messi and Great Content Marketers Have in Common

Lionel Messi is a football god.

A record seven Ballon d’Or awards, six European Golden Shoes, the most goals in La Liga (474), and the most assists in La Liga (216).

So, what makes Messi so different? Three things:

  • La Pausa
  • His pass weight & selection
  • And ball striking

And some of the most brilliant content marketers I know or have been privileged to work with have these three skills in abundance.

Hold on, let me explain.

La Pausa

La Pausa translates to “the pause.

This is when players take an extra second or moment before playing the ball. And Messi’s ability to slow the game down and pick the right moment to pass the ball is unparalleled.

Great content marketers are no different. They have the uncanny ability to slow down no matter all that’s happening around them and pick the right channel, the right tactic, or the right strategy.

Pass weight & selection

Pass weight and selection is the ability to pick the right weight and right pass for every moment. And Messi is unreal in this department.

He rarely overhits the pass. And always makes the right pass choice such that he almost always progresses the ball, creates interactions, rotations, and overloads.

Killing it in content marketing requires the same sort of skillset. Savvy content marketers know to select the right channels and the right content formats depending on the business’s stage, industry, and budget.

Ball striking

The difference between Messi and the average goalscorers is he strikes the ball cleanly, with power, and accurately.

For great content marketers, this is all about how they execute their content strategy.

They execute purposefully. They execute fast. They are constantly optimizing and adjusting for the lay of the land.

This article was originally published on Typeshare on 21st March 2022. 


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