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I always read Dozie’s newsletter no matter how busy I am. Why? Because he shares tons of value without leaving me overwhelmed. It’s never hard to understand or implement which makes it relatable as I am in the beginner phase of my journey as a content marketer.

Blessing Onyegbula

Since the weekly newsletters started I have tried not to miss any read. And so far the insights I get weekly have proven useful for my digital campaigns. Thye have helped my company and myself get better results from our marketing spend.

Ogunleye-Johnson Adebayo

Dozie’s newsletters are super engaging, and break complex information into simpler and easy to comprehend concepts. He also includes his weekly learnings which makes it personal and more relatable.

Monisha Kanwar

If you are looking for a guide in your journey as a content writer then Dozie’s newsletter is everything - from technical knowledge to personal experiences, really helpful. Every week is an eye-opener that this job is not for the faint-hearted but it can be done. I also appreciate that I get prompt replies to my questions.

Priscilla Uzomah

I love the way Dozie breaks down content marketing concepts into simpler and relatable bits. It's a good resource for content marketers, especially entry-level writers.

Adedoyin Jesutofunmi

I enjoy Dozie’s newsletters so much that I look forward to reading them every Friday. It's saved in the 'nuggets' section of my email because they've become my go-to marketing nuggets. The newsletters are super detailed, relatable, and insightful! Please don't stop.

Bibie Agoha

Asides from being the end of a workweek, Dozie's newsletter is one of the reasons I look forward to Fridays. It is always packed with lessons for writers. The content tools he shares just show how many tools are out there to help my content marketing journey. His takeaways make me pause and think deeply. Thank you for sharing your content marketing journey and lessons with me.

Temitayo Olofinlua

I look forward to Efiko these days. Always fun to read and chock full of value, it's fast becoming a favorite. Thank you, very much. I'm a member of NEW. One of the ghosts on there, but I read everything and I've been blessed just by being in the room. Thank you, so very much, for your light, and all you write.

Ayee Sha